Monday, February 7, 2011

8 Months Old

Eliana is a funny kid. She LOVES to smile and giggle at her sister. Kirra can get her belly laughing so quickly! Elli, as we're starting to call her, has two "settings" : super happy or super upset! Her super happy setting is fabulous! Her super upset setting is exhausting! Elli is a screamer...but just not any scream. It's at the frequency of a dog whistle, but is audible by the human ear! We've been slowly working on her to use "a soft, gentle" voice. :) Wish us luck.

Here are her latest tricks/accomplishments/stats:
1. She is eating REAL food. Her favorites consist of ANYTHING! Basically, if she's hungry, she'll eat it. So, I'm taking advantage of this fact and making her lots of yummy dishes (she's tried almost all fruits that are in season and many veggies including kale!)
2. Drinking from a straw is a sure hit with Elli! Kirra has a Foogo bottle that has a straw. We bought the sippy cup version for Elli, but she'd much rather use the straw bottle! Champ!
3. Crawling...kinda! Just over the past two weeks she's been getting herself up on all fours and rocking! Over the past four days she's been making movement forward and sometimes backward!
4. Walking...with help of course! At times she gets fussy and simply wants to walk around the house holding your fingers! She LOVES to walk!
5. Talking...she says "mamamamamama" when she's tired or hungry. She has said "dadadada" as well. Elli mostly "sings" when she speaks. It's beautiful!
6. Determination is a sure trait thus far!
7. Dancing like a rock star! Eliana LOVES music, whether it be at church or in the car or at home, she will start to shake her head, bounce up and down, and jam to the beat!!! It's fabulous!
8. Signing times...currently Elli is signing all done, more, fan, light, and up. We are working on nurse, please, thank you, and eat!
Bonus 9. Sleeping. Well, this is the one I wish were a bit better. This week we've finally decided it's time for her to "cry it out". We fed her last night at 8:30 and then I finally fed her at 4:30, but she woke up twice in between. It only took her about 5-10 minutes both times to fall back asleep. I'm hoping this is the start of something good...but with Eliana, there's no telling! She's my unpredictable one! That's why I love her! :)

SO BIG!!! She's quite good at this trick! I love the fact that she wraps her arms around her head when we say, "how big is Elli"!

Breaking News: My mom was right. I've always given her a hard time about the lack of info and photos in my baby book. She always used the excuse that having two kids was simply too busy to spend time filling out a baby book! I didn't like that excuse and always said that when I had my 2nd, that I would MAKE the time. HA! Who was I kidding?! By now Kirra already had a 0-6 month photo book, all of the pages in her baby book filled out to completion, and her 6-12 month book started. Plus, I would update the blog regularly AND take photos on a weekly basis. Perhaps I set the bar WAY too high! :) Poor Eliana's 0-6 month photo book has not been started, her baby book is mostly empty, and this blog, well, is rarely updated! Having 2 kiddos is BUSY for sure! I get it Mom. You were right. There. I said it.

Speaking of Kirra...I want to make sure I still share about the wonderful little person she is among all of this Eliana talk! :)
Kirra is a wonderful big sister! She is such a great helper! If I need a diaper or whatever, she will get it without questions asked! I love the fact that she is teaching Eliana how to sign! Score! Kirra is so big at times, that I forget she's only 3! She gets her own milk out of the fridge, goes potty all by her big self, plays or reads for hours on end without complaint, sings HEAPS of songs and sings them WELL (and usually on key!), is very curious about the world and how things work and why they were made and why they are called what they are called. One of my favorite statements lately is "because that's the way God made it, right mama?!" YUP Kirra! Have I mentioned that I LOVE this kid?!

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  1. Apology accepted! I have just one correction to what I told you . . . I was too busy being WITH you to write ABOUT you!!!