Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Great Start to 2011

Every January Alan and I choose a theme for the year. For 2011 we are deeming it "The Year of Health". This way we're not making huge promises, resolutions, etc that we can't keep or fail to continue. So far, we're doing fairly well with some aspects of health...mostly in eating/food. Since the fall, I have been choosing a mostly gluten and dairy free diet. I feel heaps better and Eliana isn't spitting up as much as she was when I was eating those foods. Alan has also chosen to go "almost" gluten and dairy free (this basically means that at home that's how we/he eats and then when we're out or at friend's houses, there's room for swaying from the diet). Kirra is now so aware of what foods have gluten or dairy in them that she asks before we eat new foods! The area that both Alan and I are not doing great in, yet, is exercise. After having Eliana I was thinking that it would be easy to get the girls in the double stroller and go for a walk/run at least every other day. HA! Not even a possibility! I've given myself some grace in this area and certainly do not feel like I've failed, but definitely need to set goals to achieve. Baby steps. Kirra and I did do a workout video together the other day...hoping to do that more often!
With all of that said, January started out well with a fabulous visit, though short, from our friends Amy and Marc. They met and live in Spain and just recently had their first little one, Ada! It was so wonderful to meet her and hug my friend Amy! We have had several visits from Nana and Papa or we have headed to Higgins to spend time at their house as well. Overall, it's been a busy and quick month!

Belated Christmas Photos:

Amy, Marc and Ada visit from Spain:

Nana and Papa Time:

Kirra doing her "thing" (being Cinderella-bride-soccer player):

The Blizzard of 2011 (we received about 2 feet of snow overnight):

Eliana doing some of her tricks (SO BIG):

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