Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Start of November

A little fall action shot
Kirra LOVES Nyleigha Boyle
On Sunday afternoon, we decided to skip naps and head to Grand Haven since it was so beautiful outside....well, as you can see by this photo, the weather changed drastically by the time we arrived!

This little Eliana is a HOOT! She is hilarious, cheeky, and fantastically wonderful!

October 2011

Oh Fall, you are so jam-packed full of fun, activities, and fun! Here's what we were up to...
Art Prize 2011
Fall at Meijer Gardens
The Birth of Sweet Nyleigha Boyle
Kirra's first Field Trip
Our Staycation weekend while girls were up at Nana and Papas
Another Higgins Weekend (Girl's Getaway for Meg, and play time at Higgins Pond for Kirra, Elli and Alan)
Grandparent's Day at School
Halloween Festivities

Friday, November 18, 2011

September 2011, Kirra Turns FOUR!!!


Eliana turned 15 months old on the 4th.
Kirra started preschool this year--she is attending a spanish-immersion school that is fantastically wonderful!
Time at an apple farm celebrating our friend's 2nd birthday!
Redoing our "backyard"
Celebrating KIRRA's 4th birthday!!!

First Day of School!

Lovin' me some animals....


Happy Birthday Kirra Ann Freudigmann!!!

Yup, I made those capes! :)

A Birthday Cookie at Marie Catrib's!

Nana and Papa came home from Denver in time to Celebrate Kirra's birthday by going to ArtPrize
"Mom, I ate a marker, is that ok?"
I LOVE this kid!
Our beauty!

My big girl!!!