Friday, May 28, 2010

Family Pics

Our friend Jason Glerum is an extremely talented photographer as you can see below! Here are some of my favs from our family photo shoot a couple weeks ago...I was 36 weeks pregnant in the photos and Kirra took full advantage of being a little Diva that night!

Recent House Projects

Alan and I have a list of "to dos" for the house and this spring has proven to be quite promising for us to cross a few of those off the list!
1. Redo our fireplace (my dad came down one weekend and together with Alan they made a beautiful still needs to be stained, but it's HEAPS better than it was)
2. Mulch the backyard, plant our potted garden and clean up the side "yard"...don't have pics of everything, but we've made a HUGE change in the way our yard looks...I feel like a real homeowner now!
3. Paint bedrooms (can't take credit for this mom has been a powerhouse in getting our bedrooms painted...only one to to come soon)
4. Screen in the front porch (we LOVE IT)
5. Gut the basement and remodel/clean up...this project was started but there's a ton to do still!

We have a few others that are on the to be done this summer list...
1. Gut and remodel the bathroom
2. Gut the ceiling in the kitchen and drywall it
3. Screen in upstairs back porch

Spring Time Cont.

One night we found Kirra going through the laundry and putting on my underwear....isn't she adorable?!
Meijer Garden Fun with the Wolthuis'

The current artist at Fredrick Meijer Gardens is Chihuly--known for his glass blowing! This is a garden of red reeds! More impressive in person.
This is the face of my 2 1/2 year old going on 13!!!!
Kirra and I headed to the Children's Museum today....a little mommy & Kirra time before this new babe comes along!

Random, I know! Alan actually had a colonoscopy today...this is him just after coming out of it...everything is great!

Spring Time

We've definitely been busy...
Nana (my mom) continues to come down every week to do Kirra Care on Mondays and Tuesdays. A few weeks ago, my grandma came along for the week! Kirra certainly LOVES her Great Grandma Strite!
My sweet cousin Tina came as well (to see grandma) and visit us!
Over Mother's Day weekend, we headed up to Higgins's the Doctor with her patient...if you look closely, his "problem" was an ear ache, so Kirra used her resources and put corks in Papa's ears to make him feel better! :)
My friend Alexis' baby shower...I'm 35 weeks preggers and she is 33 in this pic!
My students threw me a surprise baby shower on May 14th and "showered" Kirra with a few gifts as well...her favorite was a necklace that says "Big Sister"!!! She wears it almost every day!

Pool Jumping


For Spring Break we headed down to Orlando for a week of our first "just US" family vacation!
A little Easter Egg Hunting around the pool.
Kirra explaining what she was going to do with her treasures!
We took a morning to head to Downtown Disney (free) and walked around...Kirra still doesn't know that the Mickey and Minnie Mouse that she saw aren't at cool as the "live" ones...but we're gonna keep it that way for a while!
Pool Time!
We did meet up with some friends at Typhoon Lagoon on Thursday and Kirra had a BALL playing in the water all day!

2 Months Later...

Well..I've been a little slack when it comes to the blog, so I'll keep the stories short!

Megan at 6 months preggers!
Kirra received an early Easter gift from Aunty Ann and Uncle Jonathan...and enjoyed playing in the peanuts and box before getting to play with her gifts!
Kirra's friend Bella came for a visit...they enjoyed playing with playdough
Kirra listening to her sister!
Alexis (Mick) Mercer and I with our preggers bellies! We're due two weeks apart (me first).