Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Two Months Old

I am in awe how quickly 2 months goes by with 2 kiddos!!!
Eliana has morphed into such a fun, fairly chill little girl! She is more fussy than Kirra was at this stage, but it's still quite manageable! She has become quite social with her coos, smiles, and tracking. Eliana loves to be on the move and really only fusses when she is tired or hungry. Can't ask for more at this point! Sleeping is coming along...we've been on the go so much that she hasn't gotten a rhythm that works yet, so I'm not getting much sleep. Kirra continues to be such a great big sis...I'll write a separate post on things I've learned thus far being a stay-at-home mommy of two!

I love this kid!
I love this kid too!
Eliana's 2 month birthday spent at the beach!
Cousin cousin's son!

Marcos, my cousin, and his daughter!

Sister time, Blueberry Picking and Free Concert Tuesdays

Meijer Gardens has free concert Tuesdays where local bands have been invited to play! We met up with the Byrne's and Kristen Borst on the first Tuesday for a little picnic fun!
Blueberry picking...yummy!!!

Eliana, by week 9 was smiling HEAPS!!!

Eliana Turns 8 Weeks!

When Kirra was 6 months old she LOVED sucking on Nana's chin...Eliana found Nana's chin at just 8 weeks! :)

Aunty Tina returned from Guatemala and Australia and came to see us!!!

Oma and Opa

Alan's Mum and Dad came for about 3 weeks during the month of July! We had a fabulous time up at my mom and dad's house (we were getting our bathroom to come)! Traverse City, Sleeping Bear Dunes, Cherry Picking, Mackinaw Island, and Grand Rapids were our destinations! It was a packed few weeks, but it was awesome to have them here to meet Eliana and to spend some quality time with Kirra!
our house
Eliana started to smile a few days before Mum and Dad left!
tummy time turned sleepy time
Meijer Gardens visit
B-I-B-L-E time with Opa!

Getting Chubby!
Gaylord Alpine Fest with Jane

Eliana bonding with Oma
Papa and his girls
Dinner time...we ate HEAPS while they were here!
Mackinaw Fun
We took a private carriage ride around the island so Mum and Dad could see the sights!
Big Sister helping out!
Admiring Opa

Our friend Libbie McDonald took us out for a ride on was a perfect day on the lake!

Sleeping Bear Dunes
Cherry Picking

Eliana's first visit to Lake Michigan (@ the Dunes)

1 Month Old

Eliana's Week 4 and the Boyer Visit

Eliana got to spend her 4th week of life with her cousins and Aunty Ann and Uncle Jonathan up at Nana and Papa's house! We had a great week of LOTS of yummy food, laughter watching Kirra and Narelle play, and just quality family time!
cooking lessons with Nana
watching a video with Uncle Jonathan
bonfire with Papa
Tater Man
Great Grandma Strite with 4 of her 9 great grandchildren!!
sleeping beauty
Nana doing what she does best...teaching her grandchildren
Eliana's first bottle...
mommy time

boating with the Heger's...Kirra asked Alan if he could buy her a boat!