Friday, June 3, 2011


9, 10, 11...I've been terrible about posting the last 3 months. Eliana turns one tomorrow, so I was a little eager to get caught up on here! So, please enjoy this huge post of pics!

Eliana is 9 months old. Can I say that we LOVE our stroller (Phil & Ted's)!!!???!!!
Shelby and E @ CB's 1st birthday!
A little Meijer Garden fun...don't touch that orchid!!
My lovely Kirra

Oh boy! She LOVES tissue. Need I say more?
Nana and Papa time

Kirra's "new" bike! She's a champion rider!

10 MONTHS...
Some of E's first steps...she picked up walking so quickly!

Upside down...
Mama's homemade matching skirts!

Easter Egg Hunt 2011

Kirra's 1st dance recital...she was a lion in the "zoo"

You can take the mane off the lion, but you can't take the lion, ever!
E's favorite face to make!

11 Months's old...

Shykella and Kirra
It's been a fairly warm spring, so Kirra and Norah enjoyed a little sprinkler fun!
Kite Festival 2011...E was a champion walker, which was quite impressive in the sand!
We spent the day with the Mercer' is Eliana encouraging and helping Jack to learn how to walk!

Fell asleep for the first time EVER while eating!

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