Monday, January 3, 2011

6 Months Old

A half of a year old already?!

Eliana is growing to be such a fun long as she's not crying!!! (That child has been given the MOST high pitched cry we have ever heard...trying to find the blessing in it, but it's difficult especially at 3 in the morning!) I did ask our pediatrician if there is anything we can do...she simply informed me, "NO, but it really can't be that bad." Her statement was quickly retracted when Eliana demonstrated it for her...then Dr. R said, "Oh, that is horrible!" :) I told her so!

I don't remember her specific stats...they're downstairs and I'm lazy, but she's exactly 1 up on Kirra in everything at 6months...1 cm longer in head circumference, 1 in longer, 1 pound heavier!!! She's my big baby! :)
Not many "tricks" to speak of at the moment...she's in no hurry to roll, crawl, or even move for that matter! Elli is perfectly content (as long as I am within reach) to just lie on her play mat, to simply swing in her swing, or to be held.
She LOVES food and is doing really well eating thus far--avacado, rice cereal, squash, peas, green beans, apple sauce, bananas, rice puffs, carrots, potatoes so far!
Her smile is fabulously contagious!
Watching/listening to her belly laugh at Kirra is probably one of my favorite pastimes...and a good core workout too!

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