Monday, January 3, 2011

November Rush

I love November. The smell of fall. The chilly air. Lots of family time. Thanksgiving. Here are some pics to highlight this busy month...
Our friends Eli and Asher came for a Tuesday visit...Eli gladly played the role of the Prince and Joseph while Kirra was the Princess and Mary...and Asher was the LION, cuz all great stories have vicious lions! They formed a traveling band in this photo.
Bright-eyed Baby
Food! Glorious Food!
Strite Family Christmas/Thanksgiving...missed Miguel, Ann and fam
1st Food! We were thinking of waiting til she was officially 6 months old, but then convinced ourselves that by feeding her real food, she may sleep better...didn't work! BUT she loved it all the same!
Little Mama
Blowin' Bubbles
Kirra's 1st Visit to the Dentist....and she ROCKED IT! No cavities for her...Daddy had 3!!!

I LOVE how much Alan LOVES his girls!!!!

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  1. Cute pics Meggers!
    Love you guys! When can we see eachother again!?!? Shall we arrange for some sort of a visit? :)