Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Random August Shots

Strite Family Reunion, August 5, 6, and 7
My mom and dad hosted my mom's side of the family reunion this year!
It was a great weekend full of fun and food!!!!
Kirra wanted to help in the kitchen one day, so I set her up to wash her play kitchen dishes! She had a blast getting wet!
Free Concert Tuesdays at Meijer Gardens...Ladies night out!
I get together with some girls I went to HOPE with (Kristen Borst, Shelby Noxon, Jen Traxler-Petersen, and Liz Schofield-Sharda) a few times a month. We decided to meet at the free concert to enjoy some food and fellowship together! I left Kirra at home with Alan, but Eliana came along to hang with the big girls!
Confessions of a Mama x 2
I hate pacifiers! I did everything in my power when we had Kirra to NOT have one even in the house. I have always been a hater. Just being honest. HOWEVER, once Eliana was born Alan and my mom kept telling me that we should try the pacifier because she was using ME as one. I didn't want to admit it and then I got embarrassed that I was about to give in. But when I did...IT WAS GLORIOUS! She didn't want to eat every hour any longer. She was quite content just to suck away on the little green silicone thingy! I'm over it now. No more embarrassment. No more trying to justify why she needs one. Just realizing that sometimes I need to get over my own pride! :) She's happier and I'm happier because of it!

A little Papa time!

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