Tuesday, September 7, 2010

6th or 7th Annual Swordswomen Retreat

12 years ago four 18 year olds all went in "blind" to HOPE College's roommate assignments.
12 years later four 30 year olds all met up in Pennsylvania for their 6th or 7th Annual Swordswomen Retreat!!!
Yes, there is a story behind the name...but I'll save that for another day!
Sarah and I were roommates and Andrea and Cheli were roommates our first year at HOPE and we lived next door to each other. It was instant friendship! The next three years we stayed together and after graduation have made it a priority to connect at least once a year! I love my shroomies and am forever grateful to them for how they helped shape who I am today!
One of the best parts about our reunions is that our hubbies and kiddos come along! Between the four of us we now have 6 Swordlettes (girls) and 1 Swordsboy (poor guy)!!!
The Swordswomen: Cheli, Sarah, Megs, and Aners
The Scogin Crew (minus Matt who was off to Brazil on business)
Lucy, Sarah, and Sophie
Home: New York City, NY
The Kidless Crew
Cheli and Jay
Home: Chicago, IL
The Huisman Crew
Geneva, Andrea, Brooke, Derek and Micah
Home: Dundas, Ontario, Canada

The Freudigmann Crew
Alan, Megan, Eliana and Kirra
Home: Grand Rapids, MI

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