Friday, May 28, 2010

Spring Time

We've definitely been busy...
Nana (my mom) continues to come down every week to do Kirra Care on Mondays and Tuesdays. A few weeks ago, my grandma came along for the week! Kirra certainly LOVES her Great Grandma Strite!
My sweet cousin Tina came as well (to see grandma) and visit us!
Over Mother's Day weekend, we headed up to Higgins's the Doctor with her patient...if you look closely, his "problem" was an ear ache, so Kirra used her resources and put corks in Papa's ears to make him feel better! :)
My friend Alexis' baby shower...I'm 35 weeks preggers and she is 33 in this pic!
My students threw me a surprise baby shower on May 14th and "showered" Kirra with a few gifts as well...her favorite was a necklace that says "Big Sister"!!! She wears it almost every day!

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