Friday, May 28, 2010

Recent House Projects

Alan and I have a list of "to dos" for the house and this spring has proven to be quite promising for us to cross a few of those off the list!
1. Redo our fireplace (my dad came down one weekend and together with Alan they made a beautiful still needs to be stained, but it's HEAPS better than it was)
2. Mulch the backyard, plant our potted garden and clean up the side "yard"...don't have pics of everything, but we've made a HUGE change in the way our yard looks...I feel like a real homeowner now!
3. Paint bedrooms (can't take credit for this mom has been a powerhouse in getting our bedrooms painted...only one to to come soon)
4. Screen in the front porch (we LOVE IT)
5. Gut the basement and remodel/clean up...this project was started but there's a ton to do still!

We have a few others that are on the to be done this summer list...
1. Gut and remodel the bathroom
2. Gut the ceiling in the kitchen and drywall it
3. Screen in upstairs back porch

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