Thursday, February 25, 2010

Where to Begin...Again

For those of you who have followed my ramblings over the past five years on our previous blog, you will know that something "happened" in November that caused that blog to disappear. I won't go into details (Alan deleted it by accident), but took a little break from posting, creating, and blogging altogether. However, I'm back and ready to roll with new stories, pictures, and reflections on life! Hope you enjoy....

Back in November, I headed off on a little adventure with three other girlfriends from college to a fabulous place called Barcelona, Spain! One of our dearest friends, Amy Woolard was getting married and none of us wanted to miss it (and reallly, who could turn up a vacation to Spain?!). We took a nine day trip across the Atlantic, saw fabulous sights, "lived" some of the authentic Spanish life with Amy, and most importantly got to be witnesses to one of the most beautiful weddings ever! Unfortunately, I left my camera battery charger back at home and only was able to take one day's worth of pictures...but the memories and the mental pictures are still quite vivid for me!

This was Segrada Familia (if you are into architecture, then you may know who Gaudi is, if not, this really won't mean much to you). It was a magnificent church that has been under construction since the early 1900's and is not scheduled to be completed until 2050 or something like that!

After returning home from that trip, I was definitely eager to see my sweet Kirra, and of course Alan too! Fairly soon the snow began to fall and we were able to get outside in our "backyard" to play a bit!

Kirra has become quite the little helper in the kitchen since her 2nd birthday, which is wonderful for me! We can spend quality time together AND get things done on my "to do" lists at the same time! Below, she is helping me do the dishes, while wearing her Dora apron that her Aunty Jen gave her for her birthday!

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