Thursday, February 25, 2010

Christmas 2009...Part 2

Okay, so I wasn't patient enough and these pics are completely out of order, but oh well!

We all made it to Branson, MO safely and enjoyed a nice long week being a whole family!!

Happy 2010...they did fireworks over the lake outside of our condos...quite a display (much better than Roscommon's on the 4th of July!)
Kirra enjoying her "pool" time in the tub when the pool was closed one day.
A view of one of the lodges on the property!
My sweet little Tate...and my beautiful sister too!
Nana playing with her girls and their new Leapfrog toys!
Almost looks like Kirra's looking for lice...but they were just enjoying their tub swim time together!
Tate just chillin' while the girls ran around with their dolls and strollers!
Mom and Dad treated us all to a Limo ride that took us around Branson to see the Christmas lights...wasn't the greatest light show in the world, but it was lots of fun being cramped together in a limo for almost 2 hours! :)
Finally, the pool was open for business!
One of MANY attempts at getting a good photo of all 5 of them!
On our way to Branson, we stopped in St. Louis to visit a friend of mine from High School, Michelle Hartzler and her kiddos.
Daddy and Kirra enjoying the pool...
We got creative with our stockings since we weren't able to put nails in the mantles!

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