Saturday, March 20, 2010


For at least 6 years (I think) we have been taking time to enjoy the great outdoors with our dear friends Jen and Kevin Wolthuis. The first few years (before kids) were spent cross-country skiing either at Higgins Lake or at Boyne for a long weekend. Once the kiddos came along, we maintained the tradition, but expanded our adventures to Chicago (where Jen is from). This year, we went back to our roots, and enjoyed a nice weekend at my mom and dad's of yummy food, some skiing (Elinore is a great little pole-less skier) and some sledding on the pond! We even rented Kirra some of the smallest skis and boots available, however, our little princess did not want to partake--maybe next year! She sure did enjoy the backpack though! Unfortunately, we did not have the cameras out much, so here a few of the shots we actually took!
Kevin, Elinore, Alan and Kirra played some games while Jen and I whipped up our yummy dinner!

It's fun having kiddos who play so well together. Here're the girls exploring outside!

Thanks friends for such a great weekend!

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