Friday, November 18, 2011

June 2011

After Eliana turned ONE on the 4th, we headed to Denver for a long week with the entire family!
Hiking in the mountains...

A little mac 'n cheese time for Taters!

Kirra and Narelle sporting their skirts I made (pat on the back for me!) on their FIRST DAY of Summer School!

The Denver Children's Garden is amazing!!!
The girls on their last day of school together...the week went so fast!

After an amazing week of family time, we drove north to Bozeman, Montana to visit John and Abby Carruthers and of course their little Brewer!!!
Friends for 31 years...and possibly a future marriage between our little ones! :)
I couldn't pass up the opportunity to buy Brewer a HUGE stuffed bear!
Abby spoiling Kirra and teaching her how to bake!

A day in the Montana Mountains...glorious!

Can't get enough of this little man!
Driving across the US of A with a 12 month old and a 3 1/2 year old could seem overwhelming, but our little travelers were amazing! We stopped at Mt. Rushmore for breakfast and headed out to the Bad Lands for lunch...

Of course, we had to stop at Wall Drug, South Dakota for a little "treat"

We drove through the UP and ended at Higgins Lake where we dropped the girls off and Alan and I continued on back to Grand Rapids to meet up with our friends for a long weekend getaway in Chicago!

Kirra got her hair cut for the 2nd time ever...she loved it!

We had a great treat once back in Michigan, Abby, John and Brewer came for a visit!!! I was pumped to have more Brew-man snuggles!

Summer at Higgins favorite thing!

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