Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sept Part 2

Watching Eliana and Kirra interact is fascinating...Kirra has such a "motherly" way about her that is just contagious and her little sister responds to it with such ease!

Sometimes Alan and I forget that we have a's one of her most toddler moments yet! Needless to say, markers were removed from her room and reach!

My little chubber-bubber!

Toddler Moment ahold of Mama's mascara while playing Mary (and Joseph)

Playdate at ArtPrize:

Playdate #2 at ArtPrize:

Apple Picking at Crane's

Fam Time

(Kirra LOVES playing Mary and Joseph...she'll wrap any blanket around her to look like Mary and we use our rocking horse, Gus, as the donkey!)

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