Sunday, June 27, 2010

3 Weeks Past

This is probably one of my longest posts I've done in a while...
I cannot believe 3 weeks have already passed since our sweet little Eliana joined our family!
Here are some pics of our last 3 weeks.
Having 2 kiddos is definitely an adjustment...many of my friends and family have said that going from 1 to 2 is the biggest adjustment and I would have to agree (not that I know what going from 2 to 3 is like). Kirra is such a fabulous big sister, but she is definitely having her moments of regression. There have been lots of tears, new boundaries, more "NO's", and several timeouts. Bedtime has been a bit of a challenge, so we've agreed that more cuddles and snuggles are perfectly fine for the time being if it helps Kirra feel comfortable and loved! Eliana is a very even-tempered little girl. She basically fusses when she's hungry and that's it! I'm crossing my fingers that that's how she's gonna be as the weeks pass...but we'll see! Overall, I am so thankful to have my two girls AND my fabulous husband who is home for the summer to help me in adjusting and learning our new rhythms of a family of four! Pics are a bit out of order...
Going home from the hospital...Kirra picked out her outfit ( little elephants for our little Eli )
Our big LITTLE girl!
Kirra has been infatuated with stethoscopes lately and luckily our nurse at the hospital liked Kirra and gave her a REAL one to use (and take home).
This is Brenda!! She is my midwife and is FABULOUS!!!! I wouldn't have wished for anyone else to be present in delivering my girl!
Not the greatest pic, but me and my girls for the first time!
Our friends Mark and Tara came for a visit...Myles and Kirra had a great time playing!
Kirra LOVES her sister
I remember taking a picture of Kirra like peaceful.
We are venturing into the world of cloth diapers a bit earlier with Eliana than we did with Kirra. These are the cutest little covers...and I mean little. This is also a great shot of my Shar pei daughter!!! Look at those knees and the wrinkles!
Love this outfit!
One of the things we've been trying to do is make some very intentional Kirra time...our dear friend Jen took Kirra along with her daughter Norah to Hopscotch (a great local kids' store) to get a little pampering with all-natural products! They got their nails painted and had pedicures! So cute! Thanks Jen!!!!
Eyes Open!
My girls!

I can't believe how HUGE Kirra looks next to her little sister!
Up north for the first time at Nana and Papa's house! 3 weeks old!
This past Thursday we ran into our friends the Byrnes at Krupp's strawberry we picked and played all day!
Norah definitely had her fill of strawberries...just look at that face!
On Wednesday we headed to Meijer Gardens for a little family outing


  1. hooray, hooray, hooray for pictures!
    You have 2 very beautiful, amazing little girls, and I can't wait to see them!!!
    Love you guys. :0)

  2. What wonderful pictures...and what a wonderful family. Sure enjoyed getting to know you,Alan and your 2 beautiful daughters at the Strite reunion. Love ya, Donna...Pebbles says hi, she enjoyed meeting you :)